Focus on your satisfaction.
There are three main reasons for trusting us. Of course, there are also others, but we will let you discover these yourself when you become our customer or partner. We are already looking forward to getting to know you as we ponder whether to not just tell you the other reasons now.

Did you know that ...

The whole is more than merely everything

We keep an eye on everything so you can see the bigger picture: This means that we take care of all minor details so you can focus on the essentials. Our job is to optimise your processes so you can rely on everything and focus on your own goals and results. Everything simply does not add up to the whole. And that is what the whole is about.


Size matters, technology is crucial

Choosing us means benefitting from the advantages of an internationally operating, proven and tested and, at the same time, agile and flexible company: We are a lean company if desired and a global player when needed. Our partnerships open up a network of worldwide competences as we realise solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements based on our individualised focus.

Our services keep you safe and sound

With us, you will always be on the safe side: Our state-of-the-art datacentres in the central region of Upper Austrian are high-tech in the truest sense of the word and guarantee 100% data storage in Austria, optimal operational security, global availability as well as non-stop performance for all demands and requirements. You will enjoy a sense of security that we provide in a space of more than 200 m2.